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J.E. came up with this simple activity to teach younger students how to connect cardboard in order to create moveable joints. We call it My Cardboard Robot. The activity, which takes about an hour, also teaches a few ways you can utilize the layers in corrugated cardboard to create different structures. We've done this activity with a few kindergarten and 1st grade classes as a precursor to more design centered, open-ended maker projects. We've found that doing this activity as a skill builder allows students to be more creative and independent with their future inventions.  It also uses minimal hot glue, so it's...

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In the elementary maker classroom, cardboard connections come in two flavors - hot glue and tape. If something breaks the solution is always more hot glue and more tape. When it breaks again? MORE hot glue and tape! If only there were a way to fast track the students consider alternate solutions… Anchor Box to the rescue!

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